Screen shot of the SliceView prototype.


The SANS group at the University of Tennessee is part of the NSF funded DANSE project to develop software to enable new science to be extracted from neutron scattering experiments. The goal of our group is to provide new advanced data analysis tools to the SAS user community.

The DANSE/SANS group is committed to involving the community as early as possible in the software engineering process, by taking a stepwise approach, with frequent releases, and soliciting feedback along the way. Below you will find analysis areas we are interested in and applications we hope to provide. If you have ideas, requests, please feel free to contact us. Contribution are also welcome.

The path forward

Our group plans to provide analysis functionality through three applications. Those applications will be incrementally developed throughout the life of the project. The computational functionality will be developed first. Once sufficient computational functionality exists, prototype applications, implementing that functionality, will be developed and distributed in order to gather feedback and refine the requirements. Finally, the first limited versions of the applications will be delivered, and again refined based on feedback. The following is a list of the main areas of development:
As the computational functionality becomes available, we will provide prototype applications for our users to try out. Those prototypes will enable us to gather requirements from the community and better plan for our releases. The following is a list of the applications we expect to provide: